Note: Since hours of operation vary from day to day, it is best to use one of the methods above to set up an appointment before you come to visit.


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We are located in the Rockwern Band Center, across from the baseball stadium and under the University Park Apartments.


The Rockwern Band Center entrances are on the northern side of the building (facing West Corry St), across the street from the baseball stadium.

  • Band offices are accessible through the East door
  • Rehearsal facilites are accessible through the the West door


While classes are in session on campus, nearby free and metered street parking spaces may be very difficult to find. Parking anywhere on or near campus is extremely difficult during major sporting events.

  • Paid parking is often available in
    • Calhoun Garage (entrances on Calhoun Street near Calhoun Hall, Dennis Street, off Corry Blvd)
    • Corry Garage (entrance on West Corry St).
    • Metered Parking (on West Corry St in front of the Edwards building, Calhoun Street and W. McMillan Street)
  • Free Parking is available on some nearby side streets may have free parking spaces.