Administrative Staff

Mr. Christopher Nichter

Director of Bands
On Staff since: 2017
Primary instrument: Tuba
Phone: (513) 556-BAND
Email: christophernichter@gmail.com
The Director of Bands at the University of Cincinnati.

Mr. Nicholas Angelis

Associate Director
On Staff since: 2005
Primary instrument: Percussion
Phone: (513) 556-Band
Email: angeline@ucmail.uc.edu
Primary instructor for the Bearcat Drumline; Primary arranger for the percussion. Directs percussion ensembles and assists with Concert and Pep bands. Assists in band operations.

Ander Peterson

Assistant Director
On Staff since: 2014
Primary instrument: Saxophone
Phone: (513) 556-BAND
Email: bandoffice@ucbearcatbands.com
Instructs Bearcat Jazz Bands and Combos. Assists in band operations and administrative responsibilities in the office.

Krista Mulcahy

Assistant Director
On Staff since: 2018
Primary instrument: Percussion
Phone: (513) 556-Band
Email: mulcahka@ucmail.uc.edu
Assists in band operations.

Instructional and Supportive Staff

Heather Graham
Guard Choreographer
Andrea Meyer
Color Guard Instructor
Angie Coyle
Graduate Assistant
Joe Herzog
Visual Instructor
Caleb Moen
Graduate Assistant
Tyler Peters
Percussion Instructor
Josh Reidy
Percussion Instructor
Mr. Randall Smith
UC Bearcat Bands Announcer

Drum Majors

The Drum Major is the direct agent of the band director and is the highest-ranking student in the organization. Multiple Drum Majors are in turn ranked by the director. The primary responsibility is to conduct designated rehearsals and performances. The Drum Major relays any information: rehearsals, performances and schedules to the band. The Drum Major is the primary student representative of the band. Information from the band should be collected by the Drum Majors and relayed to the band director. The Drum Major is also the principle contact for the director. The director informs the Drum Major of any information necessary and they in turn contact officers, section leaders, etc.
Ashley Lengel
Head Drum Major
Year in band: 5th
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Isabelle Reynolds
Drum Major
Year in band: 2nd
Major: Classical Civilizations
Sage Beermann
Drum Major
Year in band: 2nd
Major: Psychology
Teryn Post
Drum Major
Year in band: 3rd
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Section Leaders

Each section of the band is comprised of one or more section and squad leaders. The duties of a section leader shall include, but may not be limited to the following: conduct, communication, attendance, music, drill, inspections, cooperation, and compliance. Section leaders report to the drum majors and are typically most active during marching season. Section leaders lead weekly sectionals and maintain the communication and traditions within the band’s individual sections. Check out the section leaders on the Section Pages.

Band Council and Appointed Offices

The UC Band Council is comprised of both an elected executive council and appointed officers (these offices are listed below). The executive council is elected by the voting members of the band each year and is charged with the governance of the student leadership of the University of Cincinnati Bearcat Bands. The elected council heads up social aspects of the band program in addition to collecting band dues, minor fundraising, band recruiting and promotion, publishing newsletters, organizing awards, and maintaining its history and traditions. The appointed officers are charged with more maintenance related duties such as cleaning the band room and keeping track of the band instruments and locker system.
Band Council
President Ben Trubach
Vice President Jess Vonderau
Secretary Hannah Clark
Treasurer Rebecca Cole
Media Coordinator Andrew Garrett
Historian Erin Edquist
Appointed Officers
Uniform Managers Bethany Lillie, Makenzie Timmerman, Miranda Lentz
Equipment Managers Eirk Klose, Erin Edquist, Jake Gerke
Music Librarians Sarah Hill, Caitlyn Anderson, Violet Burd
Instrument Managers Melat Musie, Sydney Olejnik
Band Room Managers Katina Pahoundis, Josh Murphy, Wesley Carney
Webmaster Evan Barnes