Potential Members

Thinking about joining the band? Here is all the information you need to get you started.

The Bearcat Marching Band is open to all university students by audition only. You must be accepted to The University of Cincinnati in order to audition. Students enrolled at schools affiliated with UC are also eligible to audition.


Once accepted to UC, we ask all incoming freshman to schedule their orientation and testing prior to the week before classes, which is part of our Bearcat Band Preseason Band Camp. Please contact the University for available dates for these sessions. Bearcat Band Preseason Camp generally begins two weeks before fall classes begin. A detailed schedule of Band Camp activities will be posted in June.

About the Program

95% of UC Band members major in something other than music. The Bearcat Bands is a complete band program within the overall university curriculum. Be assured that you are welcome in the organization regardless of your field of study. The band is a vital part of campus life, and you will immediately find a home and many friends that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Joining the band puts you at the center of activities at UC with all of the excitement of a major university. We can provide you with just about any band experience you desire. It is a “real band for real band kids”.

Perks of Membership

There are opportunities for scholarships, fine arts credits, and many performances. Yearly band dues nearly double in return through food provided on game day, all expenses paid trips, and apparel such as the polos and jerseys provided for gigs and basketball games.